A couple of months ago, I was asked by The Journal to write twenty five words or so about five songs I was listening to at the minute. I totally forgot about it til today but thought I’d share it here with you on here so you could maybe discover some new music you love…

Van Morrison - Slim Slow Slider

Every year, without fail, as soon as the first little bit of summer creeps in, ‘Astral Weeks’ becomes my soundtrack. Slim Slow Slider is the album’s closer and Van Morrison’s delivery on it is so free, it sounds as if it’s being written on the spot. Perfect end to a perfect album.

Mutual Benefit - Advanced Falconry

This is the kind of song that makes me want to fall in love and have kids and grow old and keep photo books and have adventures and look back on it all and not regret a thing, to just feel total contentment and satisfaction in the way you’ve lived your life.

Damien Jurado - Metallic Cloud

The lyrics to this song are the kind of lyrics I sing over and over again, not knowing what they mean, but knowing how they make me feel. For some reason, I kind of imagine when Yuri Gagarin first looked back at the world from space, he heard this song.

Willy Mason - If It’s The End

This song is like that moment when something that’s upset you becomes funny. It sounds weary but amused. Apparently, when my brother was just a toddler, he smashed up my dad’s prized guitar. If this song had been out in the 90s, I reckon my dad would have taken it a lot better…

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

For a long time, every time I had to get up early in the morning, I’d put this on repeat. The song sounds like a sudden realisation. It sounds like the epigraph to something much, much bigger than itself. It sounds like unrestrained excitement encapsulated.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since the single launch! Out of all the songs I played, an instrumental I originally wrote just to play in bars to pass the time seems to be one of the highlights for a lot of people. Because of this, I thought I’d make it the next video to upload. Hopefully it’ll make its way onto a future album but for now, here’s the live version from the night…

Silhouettes Single Launch At The Church Of St Thomas The Martyr

I’ve been wanting to write a little blog post about the single launch on Saturday (31st May) for a few days now but every time I go to write something, I can’t seem to put into words what I have in my head.

It’s funny how months of planning, organising and hyping can go into something that’s over in a few hours and, bleak as it may sound, in my experience, very few things actually live up to the hype we create for them. Saturday, to me, was one of those rare exceptions though. It felt like so much more than just a gig. It was magical.

I woke up with the jitters on the morning of it and couldn’t shake the feeling that I was getting married for some reason. The church had told me that someone would be there from half six to let us in, giving us half an hour to set up and soundcheck, so, come six o’clock, me and a few mates were traipsing up Northumberland Street with a load of amps, guitars, and leads on our backs and in our hands. Everyone got to work, either lighting candles or setting up equipment and, unbelievably, by seven o’clock, we were done and the doors opened.

There was a massive influx of people which I never really expected. My friend who was doing the door came up to me after ten minutes and told me he’d ran out of the change I’d given him so we all just pooled together what was in our pockets while someone ran to a shop to get some more. I was watching the church fill up more and more whilst the playlist I’d made bounced off the walls and through the big organ pipes. After The Goldrush by Neil Young came on and it all just felt perfect.

Come half seven, my friend and the support act for the evening, Leo Mansell, took to the stage and knocked it out of the park. The big, echoey applause he got reminded me of YouTube videos I’d watched of gigs in grand halls. Surprisingly, I felt a lot less nervous than I thought I would have at this point and by eight, he was done, and I started getting ready to go on.

I stepped onstage after fifteen minutes or so and from then it was more like I was in a dream than onstage. I’ve never felt that way onstage before. There were so many faces in front of me, like little snapshots of certain moments of my life, it was totally overwhelming and, by the end, I was stood fighting back the tears, thanking everyone for coming and introducing the final song of the night, Yannina.

I thought it would be special to do Yannina unplugged so got everyone to come as close to the stage as possible so they could all hear. My friend, James Cairns, joined me onstage and we went for it. I can’t really describe the feeling I got when I sang the final line of the song. It was almost like I didn’t have to try to sing it, it just came out.

For the last few years, my eyes have been firmly on the road ahead and I’ve been solely bothered about how long was left. More recently though, I’ve been looking around and enjoying the scenery a lot more. Saturday is maybe the first time I’ve ever actually looked back.

It’s an unbelievable feeling to know you’ve touched people enough for them to support you years on. I feel truly blessed at the minute and I really couldn’t have asked for more on Saturday, it was easily one of the best moments of my entire life. Amazing venue, amazing turnout, amazing crowd. Thank you so much.

Should I hold my tongue? Should I keep you guessing? Cause after all it’s done, I have learnt my lesson. But there’s something different about this time, something clearer about my mind, and now I’m leaning towards your dreaming as all my dreaming runs wild… Circus child.

It’s been a long, long time since I left my window, but what was there to find but stacks of broken arrows? Now I’m burning the clothes I wore, now I’m shedding the sights I saw, and I hope no spaces can hide your aces cause all my aces are played… Circus babe.

And so I say to you: let’s not force a meaning, forget the lines we drew, forget your teenage demons. We have nothing to state or prove, we have nothing to fear or lose, and I’ll be trying to catch you hiding now all my hiding is seen… Circus queen.